WOW Anduin Wrynn 1:1 Massive Two-Handed Sword


Llane Wrynn I was one of the essential rulers of the Kingdom of Stormwind during what would be known as the First War in the tale of the Warcraft world. At his side was his sword, a mighty weapon that symbolizes the full power and glory of the Alliance of the human race. Have the same mighty weapon today and see it by your side!

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Anduin Wrynn WOW sword is iconic because of its role in the mythology and its unique aesthetic. It’s both simple and intricate at the same time. It was said that the battle for Azeroth would be fought with steel and stone and King Llane’s sword is exactly what – the steel part at least.

It’s a regal, shining beacon of hope for the Alliance, much like King Llane himself. We have this amazing sword for you to add to your World of Warcraft collection or for you to start a collection with. It’s never too late to start. This incredible Anduin Wrynn WOW replica sword is crafted to match the original with its ornate lion head as well as the detailing in the guard of the sword. It’s truly a weapon fit for a king. This is a great sword for cosplay and collecting.

It’s a decorative piece designed to appeal to even the most critical and detail-focused fans. This sword is a sign of hope as well as a fierce weapon designed to take down the enemies of King Llane. One of the best things about this Anduin Wrynn WOW sword is that it’s such a unique and iconic piece, it’s certain to stand out in your collection of World of Warcraft weapons. Buy it now at an unbelievably affordable price.


  • Its overall length is 43 inches (108 cm), its handle length is 11 inches (27 cm).
  • It weighs 7 lbs (3.35kg). These specifications make it an ideal display piece.
  • It has a shiny blade with a false edge for safe handling. The shiny finish adds to its authentic feel.
  • It’s made up of high quality and strong materials for long life.
  • Its handle has a firm grip and is intricately designed to match the fictional sword.
King Llane Sword
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