Incredibly Crafted Medieval Broadsword European Crusader Sword


The medieval age was one of violence and chivalry, a time when brave men charged into battle with nothing more than a sturdy piece of steel and their courage and skill. Today, the same age has long passed, but it is still possible to feel its power if you purchase this medieval sword, accurate to the smallest detail of the actual weapons of that age.




The weapon of choice of the middle ages’ most noted noble warriors can now be the centrepiece of your collection! This Medieval broadsword is an elegant replica of the bladed arms carried into battle by majestic knights, European crusaders, and perhaps most famously, the legendary Knight’s Templar.

This incredibly crafted and masterfully designed piece possesses all the aura of the original weapons worn by the virtuous guild when launching into battle to protect their most powerful and esoteric secrets. The European crusaders sword features an intricately designed scabbard along with belt harness and hand and a half, leather-wrapped, hilt. An excellent option for live steel LARPing, cosplay, collecting, and more, this medieval broadsword radiates historical accuracy and superb construction from blade to hilt, scabbard to harness.

Designed and constructed with the finest materials, you can own a unique and distinct piece of medieval history when you purchase this sword. Be your own white knight, seize the kingdom, and complete your collection, with this regal Medieval broadsword.


  • Features an overall length of 41 inches (104 cm) with a hilt length of 9 inches (23.5 cm).
  • The sword weighs in at 4 lbs (1.74 kg). This provides the perfect balance and allows for a lightweight as well as making for an excellent display piece.
  • The European crusader sword possesses a pointed tip with false edges for safe handling and supreme construction overall,
  • With the scabbard, the sword measures 47 inches (115 cm) and the scabbard feature the same incredible craftsmanship as the weapon itself.
  • Intricate detailing on the scabbard and hilt such as the crusader’s cross on the pommel and king’s seal on the locket provide the sword with unique and distinctive features.
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