The Game of Thrones 1:1 Ice Sword Metal Replica


The story of the Game of Thrones and the house of Star is one that is sad, powerful and touching. One of the main elements that best describe the same tale is the Ancestral sword first wielded by Ned Stark. Now, all of the fans of the TV show and the book series can have the same impressive weapon as a picture-perfect replica.




Game of Thrones is a TV show that comes around once in a decade – the epic fantasy series by HBO is based on the bestselling works on G.R.R. Martin, but no one could have known it would become such a huge hit. In almost ten years since its release back in 2011, it became not just a crowd favorite but also attained many awards and overall critical acclaim.

Today, many elements of the show are true classics, but for the fans of this universe, the weapons from the same series are probably among the most recognizable. When it comes to the House of Stark, their Ice Sword is precisely one such weapon. Now, with just a few clicks, anyone can get the same Game of Thrones Ice Sword replica to their doorsteps. The same replica is an exceedingly handcrafted sword and covered with a range of minuscule details that will be instantly recognizable to anyone who loves the show.

With this Ice Sword replica, anyone can get a lot closer to the fantasy tale they love and even have the ability to hold a part of the same tale in their home and in their hands. All of this can be obtained easily not just through the online order, but also the fact that this Game of Thrones Ice Sword replica is exceedingly affordable and modestly priced when compared to its level of quality.


  • The Ice Sword replica weighs 6.6 lbs and its length is just shy of 47 inches.
  • The blade comes with an intricate pattern over its entire length that showcases the distinctive grooves which make it look frozen solid.
  • The handle of the sword is black with a silver pommel and it offers a true two-handed grip option.
  • The entire sword comes with a grey and black color scheme, apart from a small golden element in the middle of the handle, giving it a very impressive look.
  • The Game of Thrones Ice Sword replica is beautifully engraved and have an outstanding focus on details.
GOT Ice Sword
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