The Iconic Thorin Oakenshield 1:1 Orcrist Goblin Cleaver


In the Hobbit trilogy, it was Thorin Oakenshield who carried the Orcrist sword. This elven blade is many centuries old and a famous weapon of war that saw many orcs and goblins perish on its edge. Purchase your Orcrist sword replica right now to get this amazing item for yourself.




The world of the Lord of the Rings books, written by J.R.R. Tolkien has many iconic swords and blades, but among them, Orcrist is definitely one that stands out. The Goblin Cleaver, showcased in The Hobbit trilogy of Peter Jackson, is the sword of Thorin II Oakenshield during the epic quest of Erebor.

The blade in question is distinctive because, contrary to the general tradition of the Dwarven clans in the Lord of the Rings, Thorin II is carrying a weapon made by the Elves. In fact, the same sword was created by the brilliant Elven-smiths of the previous age, making Orcrist, which would be later known as the Goblin Cleaver and Biter, a very beautiful weapon. It was carried by King Turgon during the Goblin wars, where the legends tell of it being the doom of hundreds of these foul creatures. With a refined blade featuring the well-known curved design of the Elven-smiths, it is a weapon of a delicate nature only at first glance.

Its strong handle and a decorated hand guard tell more about its true purpose, which is to be a merciless force against all forces of Mordor and its allies. Now, this Orcrist Replica will allow anyone to possess the same stunningly designed and finely created weapon. Use this opportunity and buy the same Goblin Cleaver replica using an incredibly accessible price.


  • The full length of the Orcrist replica blade is just shy of one meter, measuring a precise 99 centimeters.
  • The length of the handle is 20 centimeters and its pummel includes a curved end that makes for an ideal hand fit.
  • The handle itself is yellow in color and decorated with carvings that are colored black.
  • The hand guard is decorated with Dwarven runes, offering a level of deep connection with the Tolkien world of fantasy.
  • The high level of quality and precise finish of this handmade replica make it an item that will last a lifetime.
Goblin Cleaver
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