Beautifully Engraved 1:1 Game of Thrones Longclaw Replica Sword


Carried by the most famous and the youngest commander of the Night Watch, Jon Snow, Longclaw sword, made out of Valyrian steel and with its decorated wolf pommel is the essential weapon of the bastard of the North. Now it’s your time to feel the same powerful sword in your hands.




Intricately designed using stainless steel metal, the Game of Thrones Longclaw replica sword is a must-have accessory for any ardent Game of Throne fan. The Longclaw replica sword is one of the many collectable weapons and armours recreated from original props used in HBO’s groundbreaking series, Game of Thrones. The great news is that we currently have the Longclaw replica sword readily available at an affordable rate.

Despite being in the house of Mormont for several centuries, Jon Snow now wields the Longclaw Sword in the original HBO series, Game of Thrones, which makes it one of the most sought after Game of Thrones accessory. The Longclaw Sword is made using Valyrian steel, which gives it the ability to kill wights. After saving Ser Jeor’s life while on a trip beyond the wall, the Valyrian steel sword was handed down to Stark’s bastard son, Jon Snow. Before handing the sword to Jon Snow, Mormont replaced the bear with a dire wolf, which is the sigil of House Stark.

Initially, the sword belonged to Jorah, Ser Jeor’s son, however, he left it behind out of shame and fled to Westeros. Many enthusiasts believe that the Longclaw Sword is now going to become the official heirloom of house Stark since Ice (original heirloom of house Stark) was melted down at the order of Tyrion Lannister. Since this is a replica of the original sword, do not expect to kill any wights using the replica.


  • It has an overall length of 42 inches (107cm), a handle length of 23 cm, and a blade length of 83 cm.
  • Designed using high-quality stainless steel metal and leather hilt to ensure that the device lasts for a long time.
  • The sword total weight is 8 lbs (1.75 kgs).
  • Display screen engraved with the words “Winter is Coming”.
  • This Game of Thrones longclaw sword goes together with a wall mount.
Jon Snow Sword
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