The Legendary William Wallace 1:1 Braveheart Sword Replica


This weapon represents the aspirations and the hopes of an entire nation. The replica of the sword carried by William Wallace was made to do justice to this iconic blade that saw the birth of modern Scotland. Today, anyone who holds the same values in their heart can find and own one of these William Wallace replicas.




The name of William Wallace was revered in Scotland for many centuries. This proud and fearless knight was one of the most important characters in the history of this noble but long-suffering nation through its many challenging ages. Yet, in spite of the inhospitable land they occupied and the constant struggle to attain and keep their independence, the Scottish nation today represents one of the most well-known spots on the planet.

In many ways, a crucial chance for this recognizability was the movie Braveheart. Here, Mel Gibson as the historic warrior managed to create a pop icon that is still a symbol of a fierce willingness to attain freedom. There is no better symbol for this struggle than the William Wallace sword. The historic weapon, like the one shown in the film, was a two-handed sword that is today recognized as the one Wallace used. Braveheart sword thus continues to be a fantastic representation of that warrior spirit, but now, anyone can own the same replica after only a couple of clicks.

Replica, like the original, is an imposing weapon that asks for both skill and strength from those who wield it. In battle, it was a formidable tool and Wallace carried it in the famous Battle of Falkirk and Battle of Stirling. By purchasing the same Braveheart sword replica, you will be able to hold the weapon that was able to craft, through glorious battle and unspeakable bravery, the country of Scotland.


  • The length of the entire Braveheart sword is 40.75 inches.
  • The unique design and battle style of the William Wallace sword mean it is wielded using both hands.
  • The sword’s balance is finely dispersed between the blade and the handle.
  • It features all of the details and elements of the actual historical source.
  • The sword is made of polished stainless steel double-edged blade.
William Wallace Replica
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