The Legendary 1:1 WOW Frostmourne Arthas Sword Replica

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Some swords can represent many different things while some, like Frostmourne Sword, signify only death and destruction. Once, its wielder was the pride of the Alliance and a paladin that every human soldier could look up to. However, when the paladin Arthas became the Lich King, this sword was there to signify and be a testament to this horrific change. The same imposing weapon can be yours in just a couple of clicks.




The Warcraft universe is a work of fiction that easily compares even to the greatest domains of this genre, including Lord of the Rings. In the series created by the company Blizzard, everything that a fan of high fantasy might want does actually occur or exist. The same universe was further expanded with the launch of the World of Warcraft, one of the biggest massive multiplayer games of the previous decades.

Here, there are so many things, including weapons and armor that are known and loved by millions. These naturally include a range of swords as well, but among them, Frostmourne sword is one of the most recognizable ones. This weapon was carried by Arthas, the leader of the paladins and one of the biggest champions of Azeroth until his change and curse occurred that would transform him into the Lich King.

In this terrible form, Frostmourne sword was always by his side and now all of his fans can get one just like it as well. With a Frostmourne replica, anyone can get to feel the same impressive weapon as if they are wielding it on the fields of battle. In spite of its many great features, this WOW Frostmourne replica is still very affordable and practically anyone can buy it by simply ordering it online.


  • The Frostmourne sword is an impressive piece with a length of 47 inches.
  • The replica is a two-handed sword that still can be wielded by a single hand thanks to its great balance.
  • The blade includes a set of decorative rules, as well as the recognizable jagged pattern of its lower edge.
  • The handguard of the WOW Frostmourne replica is a beautiful and intricately designed piece worthy of a stand-alone sculpture that was also electroplated.
  • The entire piece is handmade and features the use of stainless steel, as well as a real leather strip for its handle.
Reviews (5)

5 reviews for The Legendary 1:1 WOW Frostmourne Arthas Sword Replica

  1. Robert

    Received this massive Frostmourne replica sword 2 weeks ago and I could not be happier. I am truly amazed at the care and detail put into this sword. I will cherish this for many years and won’t hesitate to consider buying other Epic Swords product. Top Notch!

  2. Dan

    I have my Frostmourne sword and I can honestly say that my life is complete! Awesome job and thank you for keeping thousands of nerds happy with your products Epic Swords :))

  3. Norton

    I love it, recommended!

  4. Milena

    I have to say I was really impressed by the quality of this replica! As a long time WOW player, this is one of the most special items I own. Will definitely be purchasing from you again in the future.

  5. John

    This Frostmourne replica is out of this world. It’s a massive sword with great attention to details, you got 5 stars from me. Thank you Epic!

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