The Ringwraiths Sword 1:1 Lord of the Rings Nazgul Replica


Take a leap into the fantasy world which is Middle-Earth. Imagine you seeking the rings of power while wielding the Nazgul sword. Being an invisible wraith will give you the stealth to ensure victory. Hold the sword high in the air, and feel the power. Friends will be in awe at the prestige you possess.




The Lord Of The Rings series is incredibly popular. Everyone who has read the books or has seen the adaptations become an instant fan. For those who don’t know, Lord Of The Rings is the sequel to The Hobbit. The story follows a group of hobbits on a journey to destroy the main ring into the Crack of Doom. These rings were forged in the Crack of Doom, which is a volcano, must be destroyed the same way, Sound simple right? The Ringwraiths have other plans.

The Black Riders, Ringwraiths, Nazgul, or a slew of other names were nine men who were under Sauron’s control. Through the influence of the Rings of Power, these men gained immortality, but at a price. The Nazgul became invisible wraiths. At the start of Lord Of The Rings, the Nazgul try to stop the hobbits from reaching their destination and try to take control of the ring. The Nazgul sword is the Ringwraiths main defense, and now you can become a part of the action.

Our replica Sword of the Ringwraiths appears genuine as it morphed through your movie screen. Are you one that roots for the villains? Whether you are a cosplayer, or love movie decor, our replica is for you. As you wield the sword, you can pretend you are in the center of the action. Are you ready to destroy the hobbits and take the Ring of Power?

Immerse yourself into the fantasy realm. Feel like you just rode down on your black horse or a mystical creature. The Nazgul sword can take you deep into Middle-Earth. Be one with the mythological creatures. Start your journey today!


  • Proudly display your Sword of the Ringwraiths on your wall with your other replicas. It comes with a wall mount.
  • Our replicas are props. Children can play as well without the fear of being hurt.
  • When you wield the Nazgul sword, you hold all the power in your hands. The hefty sword is 53 inches overall.
  • See your reflection in the shinny acid-etched 420 J2 stainless steel blade. The length is an impressive 39 inches.
  • Holding the Sword of the Ringwraiths will feel natural as the handle is genuine leather. Also, the solid metal handguard and pommel will prevent slippage and hang on your wall nicely.
Sword of the Ringwraiths
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