Incredibly detailed Game of Thrones 1:1 Euron Greyjoy Axe Replica


Stop for a moment. Imagine wielding this axe in your hands. Do you feel the energy illuminating from it? Can you picture yourself in Euron Greyjoy’s shoes? This massive beast can be your next cosplay surprise. Join the Game of Throne’s extensive fan base and pick one up today!




Fans or memorabilia enthusiasts will be excited for the Euron Greyjoy Axe. Game of Thrones is a thrilling fantasy fiction that dives into difficult subject matters. While the show is not for the faint of heart, it is hugely popular. The creation of the series derives from a novel set, A Song of Ice and Fire. Each season correlates with a book in the set. Even though Game of Thrones ended the series in 2019, you can grab a piece of history with this iconic axe.

The show follows nine house families, along with a ton of supporting characters. Euron Greyjoy’s brother is the head of the Greyjoy House. Eventually, Euron becomes king of the Iron Islands. However, that was short-lived when he attacked a fleet of the Lannister House. Quickly pushed into exile, he roamed the Jade Sea as a pirate. Ultimately, Euron Greyjoy and the House of Lannister mended ways and earned a position as a commander in their fleet. Through all the turmoil, his guiding light was his axe. Slaying creatures and foes with his mighty weapon. Now you too can feel the heroic Euron Greyjoy Axe in your hands.

Are you ready to become a part of the Greyjoy House? Do you cosplay and want to try something different? Maybe you are a massive Game of Thrones fan and want to add to your collection. You can feel the troublesome past and the road to victory for King Euron Greyjoy. The design of our replicas is picture-perfect. Transform into Euron Greyjoy with his majestic axe sailing the seas. Are you ready to take the plunge?


  • Stand tall at your next cosplay or Game of Thrones event. The overall length of the Euron Greyjoy Axe is 34.5 inches.
  • The blade is an unsharpened, 2Cr13 stainless steel. Children, with supervision, can hold the axe without fear of being cut.
  • You will look like you just stepped out of the TV show set as the blade has an antique finish.
  • The handle appears rustic as it is completely hardwood.
  • Display your axe proudly alongside your other Game of Thrones memorabilia. It comes with a wall plague.
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