The Game of Thrones 1:1 King Robert Baratheon Warhammer Replica


Are you a soft soul who wants to carry a big stick? Do you just love the story of seeking revenge for a lost love? The Robert Baratheon Warhammer is exactly what you need for your next cosplay or event. Feel the energy flow through your fingertips when you hold this massive Warhammer.




Game of Thrones is a compelling fantasy drama that consists of 8 seasons over two continents. Westeros, which is where most of the action takes place, and Essos. There are also other lands that the characters fight over as well. With nine main family houses, the storyline can get a little jumbled. However, the show has a huge fan base. Diehard fans, as well as weekend warriors, seek out Game of Thrones merchandise. Even though most fans were upset by the series finale, our Robert Baratheon Warhammer will not disappoint.

The TV show follows nine families, which are commonly referred to as houses. Robert Baratheon is a unique character because, during the course of the series, he belonged to 3 houses. As a young child, he watched as his parents died in a ship accident. Orphaned, with his two younger brothers, they were raised by Jon Arryn, leader of the House Arryn. When the love of his life was killed, he later went on to marry Cersei Lannister of House Lannister. Despite only being a marriage of convenience, Cersei and Robert had 4 children.

After his love was murdered by the Mad King, Robert’s Rebellion begins. This is where Robert Baratheon Warhammer sees the most action. As he is a gentle soul, fighting was not something he was proud of. The mighty Baratheon House, the Stark House, and the Lannister House attacked the Mad King (Targaryen House) with all they had. Heads rolled at the force behind the Robert Baratheon Warhammer.

Whether you are a cosplayer, collector, or fan of the show, our replica will fit right in. With the authority this weapon commands, you will be the talk among your friends. Don’t delay, grab this powerhouse today!


  • The Robert Baratheon Warhammer is beefy. Find your inner strength to wield this weapon with a weight of 10 pounds.
  • Our replica resembles the show’s Warhammer prop. The head is impressive cast metal with an antique finish and gold-painted inlay. It is 14.5 inches long. The hilt is beautiful, soft steel with genuine leather wrap. Inline are 24k gold-plated accent rings.
  • You can use our weapon as a walking stick since the handle is 29.5 inches.
  • Hang your Robert Baratheon Warhammer among your other collectibles. It comes with a silkscreened fiberboard plaque with mounting hardware.
King Robert Baratheon Warhammer
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