The Famous God of War 1:1 Blades of Chaos Replica Swords


God of War is one of the most popular franchises in recent years. As the game withstands the test of time, so does our Blades of Chaos replica. When you hold this powerhouse in your hands, you will feel like Kratos on top of Mount Olympus. Are you ready to slay your way to the top? Will you be the next God of War?




God of War follows Kratos through a realm of mystery and mythology. The series begins as Ares, the God of War, calls upon Kratos the Spartan Warrior. As Kratos pledges his loyalty to Ares, he is bestowed a gift. The Blades of Chaos. Ares hand-crafted this weapon from the depths. As a symbol of unity and trust, the bearer has the blades permanently etched into their arm. This will last until the oath is no longer viable. The Chaos Blades are forever with Kratos, as they can be forever with you.

Kratos one faithful day, in a God-like rage, deceived by Ares, killed his beloved wife and daughter. He sets out on a journey through the Norse world slaying Gods and other foes, to seek revenge on Ares for this devious act. Kratos’ only friend is his weapon, the Blades of Chaos. Through his travels, the weapon is stolen. It is not until Kratos murders Ares, for his rightful place as the God of War, that he finally gets his beloved blades back.

Whether you are an avid gamer or a weekend warrior, the God of War franchise is full of intrigue. What better merchandise to have from your favorite series than the Blades of Chaos. If you are into cosplays, or just like interesting decor, this replica is for you. The design is hand-crafted with durable material. Every detail is present on the Chaos Blades. You can easily display them on your wall, or put them away for play.

The Blades of Chaos commands dominance. Once you are holding these in your hands, you will feel a surge of power shooting through you. Any fan of the God of War series will love our Chaos Blades replica. With extraordinary detail and a stunning shine, you cannot go wrong. Don’t delay, come hold these in your hands today!


  • Our replicas are blunt so children can play with blades without getting hurt.
  • It comes with a wall plaque, so you can display your Blades of Chaos in style.
  • You will feel like a warrior when you wield this weapon. It is 17 inches/44 cm long.
  • When you cosplay or just showing off to your friends, the blades soar in the wind. With the blade length at 11 inches/28 cm, and the thickness of 3.9 mm, it cuts like butter.
  • The Chaos Blades will feel right at home in your grip with the handle length at 4.5 inches/11.5 cm.
  • The proof is in the details. Become immersed in God of War in real life as the silver-linked chain and the engraved decals bring you into the fantasy realm.
Chaos Blades
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