The Game of Thrones 1:1 Heartsbane Metal Replica Sword


Do you want to belong to the House of Tarly? Are you excited to cosplay as Randyll or Samwell? Our Heartsbane sword replica will look fantastic on your wall or in your hand. Feel the power behind this weapon. After 500 years, it is still the weapon of choice for the Tarly clan. Make it your weapon of choice today!




Ending in 2019, Game of Thrones was a hugely popular fantasy-adventure TV show. The basis of the show was from a book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Each season of Game of Thrones correlates to a book in the series by George R. R. Martin. The show follows nine houses, with a ton of supporting characters. The storylines go through some twisted and disturbing plots. It isn’t for the faint of hearts, but the show has a very strong fanbase. While weapons do not usually have their own narrative, the Heartsbane Sword has a rich history.

The Heartsbane belongs to the House of Tarly. This heirloom has been in the family for around 500 years. The sword represents the huntsmen trait of the Tarly clan. Sam Tarly led the attack on the Dornish Vulture King, wielding the Heartsbane. Legend has it that the sword turned blood red from the rebels he slaughtered. During Roberts Rebellion, Randyll Tarly held the sword as he ran into battle. The sword remained mounted in the House of Tarly, Samwell Tarly steals the sword to study its properties. Samwell is the son of Randyll. Randyll made it clear that Samwell would never obtain the sword.

In the end, Samwell gives his family heirloom to Jorah Mormont. The Heartsbane sword can kill White Walkers because of the Valyrian features. Jorah wields the sword, killing these creatures until he perished. The weapon was never seen again. Are you ready to find the Heartsbane? Do you want to feel the magic that is the Heartsbane sword? Are you ready to have this heirloom to add to your collection? Whether you are a cosplayer or a TV show fanatic, you will not be disappointed!


  • Wield this massive sword high above your head. The overall length is 136 cm.
  • The bade is a massive 102 cm in length. With a beautiful stainless steel shine, it is like a mirror image.
  • The design of the hilt is extraordinary. Our Heartsbane sword replicas hilt is a hardwood material with an antique bronze plated handle.
  • Children can hold the sword with the help of an adult. The blade is unsharpened so no accidents will occur.
  • Display the sword proudly among your other Game of Thrones memorabilia. It comes with an alluring plaque that is a charming silkscreened wood with the Tarly Sigil.
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